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Storage and Care

Use these methods to get the best out of your cannabis oil vaporizer products


  • Store cartridges/pods upright

  • Keep away from sunlight

    • Sunlight affects oil similarly to the way it affects flower. Prolonged sun exposure will degrade the potency of the oil and can also darken the oil through oxidation. If your oil has darkened over time, it may have been exposed to the sun for too long. While this is still safe to consume, it can reduce potency and flavor profiles. 

  • Avoid excessive heat

    • High heat exposure can cause leakage of certain products, it will also degrade the oil over time. It is best to store your cartridge at around 70℉ at the highest.

    • Do not leave your cartridge in your car while you go about your day! Cars absorb heat and get well over 70℉.

  • Cold is okay, moisture is not



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