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Orchid products are handcrafted and designed for maximum flavor and overall enjoyment. Their proven processes and passion for what they do carries through into their products. 

Orchid Kits come with a reusable 510 battery and either a half gram or full gram cartridge. No accessories needed, simply add to your cart and check out.


Sour Diesel - Half Gram

The citrusy, earthy flavor of Sour Diesel is concentrated in these Orchid vaporizers to bring you a happy, energetic and uplifted feeling. This is a legendary sativa strain you can now experience in an entirely new way. 


Tahoe OG - Half Gram

An essential strain for indica lovers, you’ll feel euphoria and relaxation immediately with this vaporizer. Perfect for connecting with friends or staying in for the night, you’ll literally blow away your worries with this one. 


Dutch Treat - Full Gram

The real treat of this strain is in its effects: at once, the Dutch Treat full gram vaporizer works as a remedy for your sore and tired muscles, an appetite booster and a light sedative. A hybrid extract that leans more toward indica, Dutch Treat smells like sweet pine and citrus with a refreshing taste of eucalyptus and a smooth, non-coughy smoke.


Jack Herer - Full Gram

One of the most requested strains, Jack Herer (named after the “Emperor of Hemp” himself) is full gram sativa vaporizer. Suited to ease any aches from head to toe, Jack Herer also elicits a cerebral effect to keep you tuned in and focused if you need to be. 

**Products are listed only in Oregon markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.


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