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How to Decarboxylate Kief and Hash

Learn how to decarb cannabis kief and hash to make your own edibles! 

Raw cannabis mainly contains THCA which is not psychoactive. When you smoke cannabis, the THCA molecule loses its carboxyl group (COOH) in the form of water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2).  This chemical reaction produces THC which is psychoactive. The process of losing the carboxyl group is called “decarboxylation” or “decarbing”.

When you smoke or vaporize, the cannabis is decarbed by the heat. If you eat or ingest cannabis and want the full psychoactive effect, you need to first decarb your cannabis before you cook with it to receive the full psychoactive effect.

Decarboxylation Steps for Kief or Hash

  • Preheat oven to 245℉. If you have a convection option on your oven, use it. In theory, convection ensures a more even heat distribution and thus a more even decarboxylation.

  • Put the kief/hash in a small, oven-safe, glass container and tightly seal with aluminum foil that has been folded in half to make a thicker sheet of foil.

  • Bake, or decarboxylate, the kief/hash for 30-40 minutes for a high THC strain. High CBD strains should be baked for 40-50 minutes.

  • Allow the sealed container to cool so that the cannabis vapors may be reabsorbed into the concentrate.  Do not open the aluminum foil until the container is cool to the touch.

  • The kief/hash is now decarboxylated and is ready to infuse your edible, preferably an oil such as coconut or olive oil.

Now that you have your decarbed product, follow these tips to begin making your own edible cooking oil

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