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Humboldt Farms

Humboldt Farms Premium Live Resin

Sunset Sherbet 


Crossing sweet GSC with Pink Panties gives Sunset Sherbet its delightful fruity aroma and creamy, honey-tinged flavor. Popular for its uplifting cerebral boost followed by full-body relaxation.

Humboldt Farms is committed to nurturing and inspiring the mind, body, and soul with products made from 100% sustainable, sun-grown cannabis in beautiful, Humboldt County, California.


SFV OG Premium Live Resin

A California original, this seriously strong OG Kush phenotype is marked by a pungent diesel aroma with a taste of lemon and pine. Popular for unwinding. 


Lemon Banana Premium Live Resin

Humboldt Farms presents Lemon Bananas Live Resin, an award-winner for best concentrate. This strain taste and aroma is like tangy, fresh lemon slices and ripe bananas with a sharp earthiness. Lemon Banana will lift your spirits and give you a light body high that is relaxing with an airy feel. 

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***License Nos. CDPH-T00000636, CDPH-T00000635, M11-18-0000226-TEMP***
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