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Loudpack: a name built on world-class live resin extracts. While Loudpack extracts come in many forms, the quality and pride they take in producing them have stayed the same.

Carefully crafted, each 1 gram package of Loudpack live resin is created to retain an exquisite terpene profile, high-quality flavor, and enticing fragrance for you to enjoy. Available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid:


Sativa Legacy Live Resin from Loudpack produces an energetic high that is great for daytime socializing, boosting creativity, and staying active. Try this sativa before a hike or to get the creative juices flowing, any time of day. Get loud!


Indica Legacy Live Resin from Loudpack will offer you relaxation and bliss throughout the mind and body, just when you need it. This live resin is a great choice at the end of a long day or any time you’re looking to relax and kick your feet up. Find your happy place.


Hybrid Legacy Live Resin from Loudpack contains a beautiful mix of sativa and indica genetics, yielding well-rounded, balanced high. Expect physical relaxation coupled with a mentally energetic high with this hybrid beauty.

License No. A11-18-0000307-TEMP

**Products are listed only in California markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone. 

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