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Oregon Genetics

Oregon Genetics is committed to offering quality to customers- organic, pesticide/fungicide free, natural, sustainable, and responsibly procured products, made with the utmost resource consumption efficiency. Available in two 1g varieties:

3 Kings x Tangie Live Resin: A hybrid live resin concentrate, this extract leans more sativa, bringing extra levels of creativity, energy, and clarity to your day. Use this to bring happiness and relief at the same time. Sounds like a winning combo, huh?

Sky OG Live Resin:  An Oregon favorite, Sky OG from Oregon Genetics is a powerful hybrid live resin concentrate. With one dab, your body and mind will feel lifted into a state of bliss. Relax your muscles and open your imagination simultaneously with this hard-hitting extract!

**Products are listed only in Oregon markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.

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