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Getting Started with Drops, Sprays and Capsules

Wellness products are ever-growing in popularity and make both THC and CBD easily consumable for all types of cannabis users.



Cannabis tinctures (drops) are a type of concentrate that has been infused with typically alcohol or oil to make the cannabinoids available in a liquid form. These are often highly potent products and dosing will vary from product to product. It is highly recommended that you read up on the dosing methods suggested on the product labels given the potency.

For the best effects, you should take drops sublingually (under the tongue). The best way to ensure maximum effect is to hold the drops under your tongue for 30-60 seconds.

You can also infuse the drops with your favorite beverage or put it on a meal and eat it! As always, we suggest you start low and go slow with your dosing until you become more familiar with the brand/product. 


Oral sprays are another type of cannabis concentrate, similar to drops. The only difference is the delivery mechanism is a spray pump rather than a dropper. These are also intended to be consumed sublingually for the best effects (again, hold the drops under the tongue for 30-60 seconds).

Some sprays also double as topicals and can be used topically as well as ingested orally, if the spray is oil based you can also apply it to your skin! These are typically dosed by 1-2 pumps but you should refer to your packaging to confirm the recommended dose. 


Another form of concentrates, capsules and pills are a potent source of THC or CBD meant to give long-lasting effects similar to an edible. Since this is ingested, the THC and CBD are absorbed by your intestines before reaching your bloodstream.

This means the effects are slower to hit you than the sublingual but are often longer lasting given the slow uptake. These are dosed by individual pill and you should take as many as needed to reach your desired THC/CBD dose. Given how long it takes effect, it is recommended to start low and go VERY slow. It may be 1-2 hours before you get the full effects. 

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