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Storage and Care

Follow these best practices for keeping your cannabis wellness products fresh and potent!

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Wellness products, like most cannabis products, are shelf-stable and can be stored in most places in the home. There will always be the big four things that should be noted whenever storing your wellness products. 

Light Exposure

  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial light can work to degrade the potency, flavor, and coloration of wellness products. Whether it is a liquid tincture or powder capsules, it is recommended that you store these items out of direct light to avoid this. We recommend keeping them in a cupboard. 

Temperature Exposure

  • Exposure to high heat can also degrade the potency and freshness of your products. It is recommended to store these items at room temperature, around 70℉. If you live in a hot environment and your home is often above 75℉, then you can store these items in the refrigerator rather than a cabinet. 

Air Exposure

  • Oxygen is not a friend to cannabis in any form. Exposure to oxygen for a long time such as a container left open after use can work to degrade the potency and freshness of the product. You should keep your products in a sealed container whenever not in use, we recommend glass containers that can be sealed airtight.  

Moisture Exposure

  • Finally, you want to avoid moisture. While moisture will only dilute the liquid products, this will reduce their overall potency and can also degrade any solid products over time. For this reason, it is not recommended to store your wellness products in a freezer. You should also only need to keep them in a refrigerator if your home is often above 75℉. 

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