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Frank's Gift Capsules

Hybrid strain specific CBD oil and coconut oil come together in a vegan cellulose capsule for these easy-to-consume relief aids. With a focus on CBD as opposed to THC, these capsules are designed to relieve pain - not get you high. Safely enjoy the best medicinal qualities of cannabis with Frank’s Gift capsules without worry about the cerebral effects normally found in THC products.


AC/DC Capsules

A sativa-favored hybrid with high levels of CBD, ACDC is a remarkable strain due to its 1:20 ratio of THC:CBD. With THC loads so low, there are little to no cerebral effects. Meanwhile, the high CBD content helps soothe patients. Easy to swallow, these capsules also include coconut oil for maximum absorption.

**Products are listed only in Oregon markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.

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