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Storage and Care

Best methods for keeping your cannabis edibles fresh and potent


There are many different types of edibles on the market today. You can choose from gummies, chocolates, sublinguals, cookies, drinks and more! Storage and care of cannabis edibles will be dependent on the ingredients of the product. We have some tips below for a few different types of products. 


  • Keep it cool 

    • Gummies can survive at room temperature so long as the heat is regulated. If your home is often warm, you can always store your gummies in the fridge to keep the potency and avoid melting. 

  • Avoid air contact

    • Oxygen is not a friend to the gummy. Prolonged oxygen exposure will dry out the texture of the product and eventually turn it stale. It is recommended to keep your edibles in an airtight bag/container at all times. 


  • Keep it cool

    • Chocolates are very sensitive to heat, even at room temperature in some cases they can start to melt. While melted chocolate doesn't lose potency, it does become much harder to dose a melted square than a hardened one. You can always store this in a cool, dark cupboard but if your house is frequently warm then just keep your chocolate in the fridge or freezer. 

  • Avoid air contact 

    • Prolonged air exposure can cause oxidation with edibles. It is recommended to keep the chocolate in an airtight container, with limited oxygen exposure. Oxidized chocolate is not dangerous to consume and does not reduce cannabis potency, but it does affect the taste of your product. 

  • Avoid prolonged contact with lighting

    • Just like air, prolonged contact with artificial light can cause oxidation in your chocolates. Keep your chocolate stored in a dark place and out of sunlight as this can also cause your chocolate to melt. 


  • Avoid air contact

    • Cookies are pretty resilient in terms of most edibles. They can be kept at room temperature rather comfortably, recommended storage is in a cool, dark cupboard. The most important thing is to make sure your cookies are kept in an airtight container. Exposure to oxygen will dry out your cookies, while this does not affect potency it will affect taste. 

Sublinguals (Mints) 

  • Avoid air contact

    • Like most edibles, oxygen exposure is not your friend. Overexposure to oxygen will dry out your sublingual products. It is best to keep these in an airtight container stored in a cool, dark cupboard or in the fridge.  


  • Keep it cool

    • Most cannabis drinks are shelf-friendly before they are opened. You can store these in a cool, dark cupboard but once it is opened it should be refrigerated. You can also store it in the fridge before opening so that you can have a nice cool drink! 

  • After opening, try to consume within a few days

    • While the potency does not drop after opening a container, the taste of your drink will begin to fade over a few days after being exposed to oxygen. Keep your drink in the fridge to slow the degradation process but it is recommended to consume it within a few days of opening to retain the taste. 

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