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Storage and Care

At a loss for storing your cannabis flower? Let us help you out with some suggested practices.

There are many ways to properly store your flower. Below are a few tips we have found helpful for customers to use after they have received their flower delivery. 


  • Store in glass containers

    • Most brands sell their flower in glass containers, but some do not (especially prerolls). If your cannabis flower was not delivered in a glass jar, we highly recommend in investing in some reusable glass jars for your home such as these Eaze branded ones made by ReStash! Plastic has a positive static charge so trichomes will detach from the flower and attach to the sides of the container. Glass, however, is a neutral charge and will keep your trichomes intact on the flower. 

  • Keep your flower out of direct sunlight

    • Exposing flower to a light source for extended periods of time can cause the flower to dry out. It is best to keep it in a dark place, always out of direct sunlight. 

  • Temperature and humidity do matter

    • Cannabis flower is very delicate and even the temperature and humidity of the environment it is stored in can affect the product over time. It is recommended to keep your flower around 77℉. Storing cannabis much colder or warmer than this can lead to dry, crumbly flowers. As well you must keep your relative humidity score around 58%-62%. Too much moisture can cause mold/mildew to grow and too little moisture can cause dryness. 

  • Airtight containers are essential

    • Over-exposure to oxygen will also dry out flowers. Some oxygen is alright in the container, it does not need to be vacuum sealed, but the less oxygen exposure the better. 

  • Store different strains in separate containers

    • Flower strains vary in many ways and storing them together can drastically affect them. The presence of other strains in the same airtight container can disrupt the flavor profile of each strain as they cross-contaminate each other. 

  • Time is not your friend

    • Like all things in the world, cannabis flower is not immune to the passage of time. Exposure to oxygen for a prolonged time will eventually degrade the potency of the psychoactive THC molecules, turning them into the non-psychoactive cannabinol molecule (CBN). CBN is well known for its sedative effects and does not provide people with a "high" feeling. 


Some common misconceptions about cannabis care:

  • "Flower should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer."

    • Flower should not be colder than 40℉ and should be kept away from any moisture. A fridge will introduce moisture to your flower which could eventually turn to mold/mildew. 

  • "Flower can be kept in any container."

    • While it is physically possible to contain flower in any container, its best to only store this in containers with a neutral charge. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing all the delicious trichomes to the walls of the packaging. 

  • "Flower can be kept out and about in your home."

    • All flower should be treated like cupboard products, should be kept in a cool, dark place. Keeping your flower out can expose it to light, humidity, or various temperatures. As well, be sure to keep it stored not near anything that gives off heat! If you keep it in your entertainment center next to your video game console it will heat up just as the electronics do, which again, damages flower.

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