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Boring Weed Company

Top shelf cannabis grown in Boring, OR where the excitement begins. 


THC Bomb

A hybrid strain with ultra high levels of THC, this is as good of a hybrid experience as you can hope for. It shouldn’t put you to sleep, but it will likely slow you down to help you smell life’s roses. Speaking of roses, THC Bomb has a pretty pungent floral smell that any cannabis lover will enjoy.


Wedding Crasher

A hybrid of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, this flower will mellow you out with its earthy, smokey flavor and sweet aftertaste. You might wish you had some cake once the powerful mellowing effects settle in. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


Frosted Cherry Cookie

For breezy and dreamy daytime vibes, give this sweet strain a shot. A notable cherry and cookie dough flavor comes through thanks to parent strain Cherry Cookies, while the flower itself is frosty à la its second parent strain The White. Being a hybrid strain, you can expect a balanced mind and body high, offering clarity of thought while promoting tranquility all over.

**Products are listed only in Oregon markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.

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