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Humboldt Farms


Premium Flower

Sun-ripened and organically grown on small family farms in Humboldt County, our Premium Flowers are in a class of their own. The hand-selected flowers dazzle the senses and offer maximum potency due to our cultivation of cutting-edge strains with robust genetics.


Our exceptional Premium Flowers taste delicious both on the inhale and exhale, their crystals glisten like diamonds and their bouquets inhabit the room. Experience the highest.


Classic Flower

Humboldt County is known as “the place where they grow the Best Cannabis in the World“ and our classic flowers are no exception.


Nothing is more important to us than living up to the Humboldt tradition and we’re proud of every bud that goes into our jars. Our classic Flowers come in the favorite strains that we all know and love.

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**Products are listed only in California markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.


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