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Portland natives. Sugarbud is a small team of dedicated farmers that believe in hard work and producing a top quality flower. Each plant is rigorously cared for from the initial planting to the final clip of the hand trim.


Keylime Pie

Finally! You can have all the key lime pie you want, totally guilt-free. Sugar Bud’s deliciously strong indica strain might satisfy your sweet tooth, but it won’t pack on the pounds like real key lime pie might. (This does not include any potential weight gain from your munchies, however. That’s on you.)


Purple Punch

A curious flower, Purple Punch is an indica dominant evening-time hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, two soothing and appetite-stimulating strains. Combined, Purple Punch is a grape soda and blueberry baked goods flavored strain that might make you a bit talkative before gradually lulling you into a blissful sleep.


Scouts Honor

Smoking Sugarbud’s indica dominant hybrid strain Scouts Honor is like taking a special kind of pledge. You know you want to take care of yourself, and you commit to doing that by enjoying this happy and relaxing flower. If only you were awarded a badge for this, too.

**Products are listed only in Oregon markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.


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