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Getting Started with G Pen Gio

Quick steps to get you started with your G Pen Gio 


This quick guide will help you charge your G Pen Gio, how to insert correctly insert a Gio pod and how to know when your Gio pen needs to be charged.

Charging your Gio 

  1. Plug in the included micro USB cord into the bottom of the battery and a USB port on your computer or AC adapter.

  2. The G Pen Gio "G" light on the front will light up when it is fully charged.

Inserting your Gio pod 

  1. Align your G Pen Gio pod with the battery by ensuring the embossed G logo and mouthpiece opening are facing the same direction as the front "G" light on the battery.

  2. The cartridge should slide down easily into the top of the battery. 

Drawing from the Gio  

  1. Once the unit is charged and the cartridge inserted, you can draw through the G Pen Gio's mouthpiece until you pull the desired amount of vapor. 

  2. Relax and enjoy.

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