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Getting Started with G Pen Gio

Quick steps to get you started with your G Pen Gio 


This quick guide will help you charge your G Pen Gio, how to insert correctly insert a G Pen Gio cartridge and how to know when your G Pen Gio pen needs to be charged.



2 easy steps for charging your new G Pen Gio 

  1. Plug in the included micro USB cord into the bottom of the battery and a USB port on your computer or AC adapter.
  2. The G Pen Gio "G" light on the front will light up when it is fully charged.

2 easy steps for inserting your G Pen Gio cartridge 

  1. Align your G Pen Gio cartridge with the battery by ensuring the embossed G logo and mouthpiece opening are facing the same direction as the front "G" light on the battery.
  2. The cartridge should slide down easily into the top of the battery. 

2 easy step to drawing from the G Pen Gio  

  1. Once the unit is charged and the cartridge inserted, you can draw through the G Pen Gio's mouthpiece until you pull the desired amount of vapor. 
  2. Relax and enjoy.
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