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Offering singles and 4 packs, Biscotti half gram hash-infused prerolls are specially crafted for consumers seeking a powerful and flavorful smoking experience.

Each preroll is manufactured using the purest cannabis materials and without the use of pesticides or non-cannabis additives of any kind. Strain-specific with full spectrum properties, each smoke creates a well-rounded and centered high. The harmonious 4:1 blend of premium cannabis flower and full-spectrum hash is packed with a punch and creates a smooth, long-lasting, more flavorful smoke. Share with friends or enjoy by yourself.

Each preroll contains 0.4g of flower and 0.1g of hash.

Singles License No: CDPH-T00000981
4 Pack License No: CDPH-T00000981
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**Product and strain availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.

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