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TJ's Garden

TJ’s Garden has won 30+ awards at High Times Cannabis Cup events, Dope Cup events, NW Cannabis Classic competitions, and many other notable cannabis competitions in the Pacific Northwest. The company was also recognized by High Times for producing “The Best Tasting Buds on Earth” (TJ’s Durban Poison strain) two years in a row.


Durban Poison Preroll

Called one of “The Best Tasting Buds on Earth” by High Times, this impeccable hybrid strain is acclaimed by cannabis connoisseurs and critics alike. Now available in preroll form delivered straight to your door, each joint carries a hefty half gram each. Uplifting, euphoric, and blissful, this is a must-try strain for any sativa fan. With just over 4% total terpenes – a serving size usually reserved for concentrates, not flowers – the Durban is perched atop a long list of sativa strains beloved by Eaze customers.


Dark Star Preroll

One of TJ Gardens’ most popular strains, Dark Star is an extremely potent indica. A curious cross between Purple Kush, Hindu Kush, Purple Afghani, and Mazar-I-Sharif, this preroll is jammed with a half gram of buttery, earthy and spicy flavors. Ideal for putting your weary head to bed or inducing a dreamy state of full-body relaxation.

**Products are listed only in Oregon markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.


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