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Find your session. These 510-threaded cartridges are the essence of cannabis refined with flavors so tasty you simply can't resist an extra pull. We've crafted experiences catered to any and every moment with all-natural cold-pressed CO2 and cannabis-derived terpenes that pack a punch in potency.

In four sublime 0.5 gram varietals:


Daybreak: Start or re-start the day with this zesty sativa citrus zinger. If you're not a morning person, we get it, and we got you.


Kiss the Sky: For when you want to play guitar with your teeth. This sativa-dominant hybrid cartridge features notes of candy apple and lime to keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.


Afternoon Delight: Not quite quitting time, but almost? Grab this indica-dominant hybrid to get through the end of your day. Sweet, earthy, satisfying and chill... like happy hour... with your shoes off.


Pillow Talk: Like a hovering purple bean bag filled with quicksand. Berry and cola flavors in this indica cartridge make for the sweetest of dreams.

License Nos. CDPH-T00000115; CDPH-T00000114.

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