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Kaleafa brings you their own house-branded 510 cartridges. Offering both half and full gram cartridges for the vaping connoisseur in you. Select from a variety of strains and try out something new today! 


Durban Poison - Half Gram

The signature sweet taste of Durban Poison fits in well with your vaporizer collection. These half gram cartridges deliver the same effects of Durban Poison in flower form, the only difference is you don’t have to worry about gaining unwanted attention from the aroma. Try this out if you’re seeking uplifting effects or plan to spend the day outside.


Wifi OG - Half Gram

Also known as White Fire OG, this cult favorite hybrid strain is now a sativa-leaning extract that tastes rich, sour and earthy. You won’t get drowsy from this vape; instead, you’ll notice a gradual onset of relief and maybe even feel some light bulbs go off in your mind. Many customers love this strain for the enhanced clarity and creativity it brings.


Blue Shark - Full Gram

Flavorful and ultra relaxing, the Blue Shark vaporizer cartridge pairs together CBD’s wellness benefits with THC’s mind-bending effects. Customers notice elevated moods and lower levels of stress, complemented by the rich floral flavor notes.


Critical Kush - Full Gram

Reliable strains Critical Mass and OG Kush join forces to produce this wicked hybrid strain. Available from Kaleafa Gold in a full gram vaporizer cartridge, you’ll enjoy the long-lasting extract, especially due to its well-rounded effects on the body and mind.

**Products are listed only in Oregon markets. Availability may vary depending on your delivery zone.

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