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What brands are sold by Eaze's licensed dispensary partners?

Brands and licenses

Below are the brands sold on the Eaze platform by:

  • Brand
  • Adult-use license
  • Medical-use license    
Brand Adult-Use License Medical-Use License
Beezle CDPH-T00000155 CDPH-T00000156
Bloom Farms CDPH-T00000172 CDPH-T00000171
Bloom Farms Flower A11-17-0000033-TEMP M11-17-0000044-TEMP
Caliva CDPH-T00000115 CDPH-T00000114
Caliva (Flower) A11-17-0000006-TEMP M11-17-0000012-TEMP
Cloud Confections CDPH-T00000170 CDPH-T00000169
Crafthouse A12-17-0000014-TEMP M12-17-0000017-TEMP
DomPen CDPH-T00000312 N/A
Elite California A11-18-0000074-TEMP M11-18-0000142-TEMP
Flavor A11-18-0000287-TEMP M11-18-0000330-TEMP
Fresh Off The Bud CDPH-T00000017 CDPH-T00000018
Ganja Gold A12-18-0000050-TEMP M12-18-0000037-TEMP
Guild (Flower) A12-18-0000079-TEMP M12-18-0000075-TEMP
Guild Extracts CDPH-T00000151 N/A
Headwaters N/A M11-18-0000226-TEMP
Herbology CDPH-T00000009 CDPH-T00000010
Humboldt Farms  N/A M11-18-0000226-TEMP
Humboldt Legends N/A M11-18-0000226-TEMP
Island A12-17-0000014-TEMP M12-17-0000017-TEMP
Jetty CDPH-T00000161 CDPH-T00000160
Kingpen CDPH-T00001050 N/A
Loudpack Extracts CDPH-T00001050 N/A
Lowell Farms TML17-0000900 TML17-0000900
Lucky420 N/A M11-18-0000125-TEMP
Nativ CDPH-T00000661 CDPH-T00000662
Old Pal N/A M11-18-0000226-TEMP
Om Edibles CDPH-T00000075 CDPH-T00000076
Papa & Barkley CDPH-T00000046 CDPH-T00000047
PLUS N/A CDPH-T00000008
Select CDPH-T00000116 N/A
State CDPH-T00000581 CDPH-T00000580
TerpX CDPH-T00000345 CDPH-T00000344
THC Design A11-18-0000168-TEMP M11-18-0000213-TEMP
Tiger Mint CDPH-T00000345 CDPH-T00000344
Utopia Silver Label CDPH-T00000351 CDPH-T00000350
Valhalla Confections CDPH-T00000753 CDPH-T00000178