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What brands are sold by Eaze's licensed dispensary partners?

Brands and licenses

Below are the brands sold on the Eaze platform by:

  • Brand

  • Adult-use license

  • Medical-use license    

Brand License Number
AbsoluteXtracts CDPH-10002270
Apothecanna CDPH-10001337
Atlas CDPH-10001996
Bagged Vape Company CDPH-T00001468-TEMP
Biscotti CDPH-10002252
Bloom Farms CDPH-10002405
Brite Labs CDPH-T00000171
Brite Labs CDPH-T00000434-TEMP
Caliva CDPH-10002244
Caliva (Flower) A11-17-0000006-TEMP
Canndescent C11-18-000027-TEMP
Care By Design CDPH-10002270
Classix C11-18-0000375-TEMP
Cookies CDPH-T00001132-TEMP
Crafthouse A12-17-0000014-TEMP
DomPen CDPH-10001915
dosist M12-18-0000057-TEMP
Dr. Norm's CDPH-T00000390-TEMP
Emerald Sky CDPH-T00000285-TEMP
Ganja Gold CDPH-10002450
Gold Drop CDPH-T00001107-TEMP
Guild Extracts CDPH-T00000151-TEMP
Happy Sticks CDPH-T00001253
Heavy Hitters CDPH-10001352
Herbology CDPH-10001880
Humboldt Farms (Flower) C11-18-0000034-TEMP
Humboldt Farms (Loudpack) CDPH-10002329
Island (Flower) A12-17-0000014-TEMP
Island (Vapes) CDPH-T00001557-TEMP
Island (Vapes) CDPH-T00001238-TEMP 
Jetty Extracts CDPH-10002243
Kingpen CDPH-T00000220
Kiva Confections CDPH-T00000118-TEMP
Lemon Tree (Flower) CDPH-T00001107-TEMP
Lemon Tree (Concentrates) C11-18-0000156-TEMP
Leune (Vapes) CDPH-T00000391-TEMP
Leune (Flower) A11-17-0000026-TEMP
LEVEL A12-18-0000036-TEMP
Loudpack/Kingpen (Flower) A11-18-0000307-TEMP
Loudpack/Kingpen (Concentrate) CDPH-10002329
Occidental Hills C11-18-0000155-TEMP
Old Pal (Vapes) CDPH-10002329
Old Pal (Flower) C11-18-0000162-TEMP
Old Pal (Flower) C11-18-0000790-TEMP
Old Pal (Gio Pods) CDPH-10001880
Om Edibles CDPH-10001131
Pacific Stone PAL18-0001346
PAL18-0001346 CDPH-T00000391-TEMP
PLUS CDPH-10001901
Punch Edibles CDPH-T00000842-TEMP
Ritual CDPH-T00002145-TEMP
Satori Chocolates CDPH-10002270
Select CDPH-10001355
State CDPH-T00000580
THC Design C11-18-0000532-TEMP
Triple Seven C11-18-0000375-TEMP
Utopia  CDPH-10002048
Valhalla CDPH-10001927


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