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Where do Eaze's licensed dispensary partners deliver?

How to check if Eaze delivers in your area

Eaze only partners with independently licensed dispensaries that deliver to select cities throughout the state of California. To see if you are in a delivery area, enter your address into the address bar on the Eaze website. If you don't receive a message indicating that your addresses are outside of the service area then you're in luck! 

What if Eaze doesn't deliver in my area?

If you are not in an area we service, please visit this page to see a full list of the cities where we deliver and find the closest zone where you can receive a delivery. We’re always working on partnering with newly licensed dispensaries to expand our delivery zones in California and beyond, so keep an eye out for more news from Eaze! Follow us on Twitter to get notified about our expansion plans. @Eaze

Licensed Dispensaries by Region

  • San Francisco

    • DCSM Inc.

      • C9-0000052-LIC

    • Hometown Heart 

      • C9-0000295-LIC

    East Bay and Contra Costa County

    • Green Tribe Gold LLC

      • C9-0000134-LIC
    • Clearlake Growth Fund II, Inc.
      • C9-00000768-LIC

  • Peninsula

    • NC4 Systems, Inc.

      • C9-0000235-LIC

  • Ventura

    • DBO Investments Ph, LLC

      • C10-0000030-LIC

  • Los Angeles

    • PHC Facilities, Inc.

      • C10-0000050-LIC
    • Superior Herbal Health, LLC

      • C10-0000459-LIC

    • The Green Goddess, Inc.

      • C10-0000056-LIC

    • The Natural Way of LA

      • C10-0000513-LIC 

    • Exclusive Caregivers of California, Inc
      • C10-0000457-LIC

    • Holistic Healing Alternative

      • C10-0000549-LIC

    • Ryan Burns Collective

      • C10-0000101-LIC

  • Inland Empire

    • Gourmet Green Room, Inc.

      • C10-0000598-LIC
  • Orange County

    • CBD Inc.

      • C10-0000217-LIC

  • Sacramento

    • Indigo River, LLC

      • C9-0000198-LIC

  • San Jose and Peninsula (Brisbane)

    • NC3 Systems, Inc

      • C9-0000135-LIC

    • NC4 Systems, Inc

      • C9-0000235-LIC

  • San Diego

    • ULBP, Inc.

      • C10-0000246-LIC

    • Uprooted, Inc. 

      • C10-0000464-LIC

  • Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Lake Counties

    • Clearlake Growth Fund II, Inc.

      • C9-00000768-LIC

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