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Why should you buy your cannabis through the licensed, regulated market?

Legal Compliance

While adult-use of cannabis in California is now legal, it is still regulated.  That means that it is unlawful to sell cannabis unless the business selling holds a state-issued license.  In order to get a state license, cannabis retailers and suppliers have to take a number of steps to show that they are following the law and that they are selling safe products to consumers.

Health Safety

State law requires that all cannabis sold by licensed suppliers and retailers undergo testing for pesticides, solvents, potency and homogeneity, among other things. These testing requirements ensure that you are consuming safe and reliable cannabis. Additionally, the taxes you are paying go to support government initiatives on research and community support, so when you buy legal cannabis, you are supporting the new industry and helping it grow!

Consumer Protection

Regulated purchases come with a host of consumer protections as well.  Consumers have the ability to file a complaint with the state cannabis regulator, and can easily identify purchased products should a regulator issue a recall.

Support Legal Cannabis

Consumers of regulated cannabis are also supporting safer communities by taking business away from drug cartels and funding vital government services with state and local tax revenue.


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