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Driver App Troubleshooting: Using the App

Driver App Troubleshooting: Using the App

Make sure you are on the latest version of the driver app. You can download the latest version at

Not receiving new orders?

Make sure you have your Driver status set to "ON". You should see a green pulsing circle on the screen.


If you have your Driver status set to "ON" and you are seeing a red banner or a red circle on the page then you will not be able to receive new orders. 

This likely means you have lost cellular connection or have poor 4G/LTE service. Please try the following until you are seeing the green pulsing circle again.

  • Drive around to find an area with better reception

  • Disable wifi and all other apps that may be using cellular service (including Spotify, Pandora, and any other streaming music).

Issues logging into the app?

If you receive the error message “user ****** is not a driver”, please ensure that you are using the credentials for the driver account you have been approved for in the past.

  • Try logging into These are the same credentials for the driver app so if they do not work please reset you password. Click here for a direct link to reset your password.

  • REMEMBER: Humanity and Eaze login credentials are not the same. You need to use your Eaze login credentials to access the Driver App.

Issues with the Inventory page?

If your app crashes when you open the inventory page, it may be due to a memory issue.

Click the toggle to disable “Load Images” to load the page quicker and with less data.

Unable to call or text customers?

This normally occurs because the phone number we have for you on file does not match the phone you're using. Please log in to to updated your phone number. If you're still experiencing issues please contact your depot directly.

Accidentally completed or canceled an order?

If you have accidentally completed or canceled an order and need to call the customer, you can check “Order History” from the app menu and call the customer.


Unable to complete or cancel an order?

If you receive an error while attempting to cancel or complete an order, it is often caused by connection issues. Try the following:

  • Disable streaming music (which uses your data bandwidth)

  • Visit to test your connection speed

If you are still having issues with the Eaze Driver App, please contact the depot for help and further instructions.

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