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Do I Need A Medical Recommendation?

In a majority of our service areas you will not need a medical recommendation to order. Most of our dispensary partners have been issued Adult Use licenses (this allows sale of Marijuana products to anyone over the age of 21). However, some cities may only allow Medical sales, or are delayed in issuing Adult Use licenses. In other words, you might still need a medical recommendation to get a delivery in one city, but just your ID proving you’re over 21 in another city.

Marijuana regulations can change quickly. Each city and county has the right to develop their own rules around cultivation (growing your own plants), distribution (having dispensaries or allowing for delivery) and sale (Medical vs. Adult Use). While this sounds confusing, rest assured, as long as you’re on our site, you’ll be compliant with local rules and regulations!

Check out the status of Medical and Adult Use delivery in cities across California by clicking here.

If you ever need to upload or change the recommendation you have on file with Eaze, feel free to do so by clicking on the hamburger menu located on the main menu and choosing "Account Settings". You can upload a recommendation here, or through the app menu by clicking on "Account Settings". If you have any issues with this, please reach out to us at or via live chat at

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