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How Referrals Work

This is a quick step by step guide for retrieving your referral link. In order to receive referral credits, your friends and family need to use the referral link. The referral code at the end of the link will not work at checkout. The signup process needs to be started by clicking on the link itself.

1. Go to 

2. Click ‘Log In’ on the upper right-hand corner. If you are already logged in you won’t see this and can skip to step 4. 


3. Enter the email you signed up with originally and password. 


4. Click the hamburger menu on the top left corner. 


5. Click on ‘Earn Credit’. 


6. Click on the link and it will be automatically copied to your clipboard. 


7. Share the link via email, Facebook and Twitter.

8. Make sure to remind people to use the full link.

9. In order for you to receive referral credits, the people you refer have to place their first order successfully. 

10. Enjoy the moment!

Important Note!
In order to receive a referral credit, the person you referred needs to use your LINK to signup for the first time and they need to have an order successfully placed and delivered.

For all Ambassador inquiries, please use the following link for additional assistance: A member of that team will be able to assist you with your inquiry.

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