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How to Place an Eaze Order

It's 2020 - you are about to order cannabis, online. One question: how? 

To place an order with Eaze, first browse the menu here:

Once you locate the products you want, click or tap on them to bring up more details and use the “+” or “-” buttons to select the quantity you desire. Additionally, by clicking directly on the price of the product, you can add one of that item to your cart. 
Once you have all the products in your cart, click the “view cart” button in the top right corner of the page. The cart page will allow you to review the products in your order and enter in a promo code if applicable. Once you've checked your items and applied a valid promo code click the "Checkout" button. On this page, you can enter in any specific delivery instructions (“ring buzzer, call when here, apt 3, etc.") and update your delivery address. If you have any issues with promo code application, please reach out to us! We want to help.

You will also be able to view any available credit on your account as a deduction from your order total at this point, which is noted by a green line marked, "Credit". Once you have verified that everything looks correct, click the “Place Order” button. 
The payment screen will allow you to view your payment details and see the ETA for your order. You may add, edit or remove credit cards as you see fit at this time. If you are paying with cash, the dispensary driver will collect the cash from you upon delivery. 

  • If you are attempting to use a card for payments under $1.00, please choose cash as our system is unable to process orders under $1.00 for card. 

Next, you'll see a tracking screen for your order -- you'll be able to see what stage your order is in and your estimated delivery time. You'll be contacted by the dispensary driver through text or phone once they arrive at your location. Please note your ETA may adjust periodically, depending on traffic and other conditions.

If you have any issues regarding order placement preventing you from successfully ordering, please reach out to us at or via live chat on our menu at

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