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Receiving Your Order

"My order has been placed! Now what do I do?" 

Awesome! You have successfully ordered your Eaze products. Just sit back, relax, and keep your phone on hand. Here's why: 

  • You will receive updates via SMS with your ETA. You can also check your ETA by viewing the confirmation page on your Eaze account. 

  • Your driver will be able to contact you both via SMS and by a phone call at a masked phone number. It is the same phone number that will be sending you automated updates. If you have to contact your driver, you can use this phone number from the automated message to reach them.

    • This number will change for every order, so be sure to use the most recent number that has contacted you than a previous delivery. 

  • Also, do not forget to be responsive! If your driver arrives they will contact you by phone. For whatever reason, if you do not respond to the driver to complete the delivery within five minutes, they will be required to cancel the order. 

  • Once you meet with your driver, you will be requested to present a current valid ID to your driver. Once they confirm your identity, you will sign for your delivery and then be handed your products. Be sure to check the bag to make sure all your products are there and correct. If not, check with your driver about your delivery.

  • We are, unfortunately, unable to accept caregiver requests.

Got your delivery? Then it is time to Enjoy The Moment


**If your order is canceled while it is in process, you can check out our help page on cancelations

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