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Post Delivery

I received my order, now what? 


Upon delivery, we encourage every customer to immediately check their delivery bag to assure all the products they received match their order. If you have any issues, please alert your driver before they depart. 

If your driver has already departed and you noticed an issue with your items, please contact our team at or you can reach us through our live chat feature on

If you accidentally pay your driver in cash but selected a different form of payment when ordering, or receive incorrect change for your order, please reach out to our team at You can also reach us through our live chat feature on 

We always welcome order feedback regarding your delivery. If you have any issues with your delivery or would like to provide feedback, you can let us know via live chat or by emailing us at

If you have received all the appropriate items then please Enjoy The Moment! And be sure to follow our social channels and share your moments with friends. 

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