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Order Cancellations order was just on the way. Now it's been canceled? What happened?


We are sorry to hear that your order was canceled. We always expect to complete every order, but a few factors can sometimes get in the way. If you selected to pay with card and your order is cancelled, any charges you see on your statement will be dropped shortly. 

Here are some possible reasons as to why your order was canceled as well as a couple of recommendations to prevent this in the future:

  • Your driver could not reach you upon arriving at your delivery address. 

    • Your driver will often contact you via phone when they arrive at your location, so please ensure that your contact information is current and you are ready to receive both calls and texts during a delivery. For this reason, we require SMS enabled phones.

  • Your driver was unable to locate you at the delivery location. 

    • Drivers can arrive surprisingly fast, so always be ready at the location you input before placing an order. 

  • The delivery location you input was different than your actual location. 

    • Always double check the delivery info before requesting an order as the driver cannot leave the product anywhere except in your hands. 

  • Car troubles or other unforeseen hindrances have prevented the driver from completing your request.

    • Unfortunately, certain elements are out of our hands, and we have to cancel deliveries from time to time. If an order is canceled, you will not be charged, can replace a new order at your earliest convenience.

  • A certain item you were requesting may no longer be available.

    • While this does not happen often, there are times when a dispensary or driver may not have the unique combination of items requested. If an order is canceled, you will not be charged, can replace a new order at your earliest convenience.

  • Your order was placed too close to closing time.

    • State laws do not permit marijuana deliveries after 10:00 PM (PST).  We try to shut off ordering so that no orders can be placed that will result in a delivery being made after 10:00 PM (or earlier based on your local laws). If you are able to complete an order that will result in the delivery being made after 10:00 PM, we may need to cancel it. 

If your delivery was canceled and you were not informed why, please send us a message here so we can look into this for you.


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