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2018 Inventory Issues

As you may have noticed in 2018, brand inventory has fluctuated throughout the year and some brands have come and gone. 

New California regulations require all products to undergo testing for bad things like pesticides and chemicals as well as new stricter packaging regulations. As of July 2018, many products in the market within California became non-compliant by these standards.

Requiring all brands to retest and repackage their products that did not abide by the new regulations caused a bottleneck. Unfortunately, there are not yet enough testing facilities across the state to handle demand and this is creating product shortages while people wait their turn. 

Our team is working diligently to improve our supply chain and see more consistency on our menu going forward. 

We apologize for the inconvenience but hope you understand that our partners only want to provide products that are safe, tested and compliant.  

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