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THC and CBD Testing Changes

For the first time in California’s history, cannabis brands are being held to a new standard when it comes to the content of their products.

This means new practices for testing potency, pesticides, residual chemicals, moisture content, and mold are now required. While this obviously benefits consumer safety, the newly licensed labs in California are still ramping up and improving their testing protocols, making consistency in testing results difficult. Nonetheless, each lab is State certified and held to rigorous standards.  However, they are testing different products at different times, which can lead to variances in THC/CBD levels. It must be noted that every batch is different even if it is the same strain from the same farm for the same product. As a result, we display THC/CBD potency as an average with a final number that is subject to change based on what a retailer has in inventory when a customer places an order. THC/CBD levels displayed on the product’s label will always be the most accurate, but we strive to keep the menu accurate.

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