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ETA Problems

Our goal is to get you your delivery as quickly as possible every time. Many factors play a role in delivery time, let us highlight some common problems. 

My ETA has not changed.

  • At times an ETA may not change on your device. Two things could be happening here. One is you lost connection to the server and need to reload the page to get an updated ETA. 

  • The other would be that your ETA has not updated yet because the order has not yet left the dispensary, meaning the ETA has not changed because it is not yet on the way.  

My ETA keeps going up!

  • If your ETA keeps increasing it is because your order is out on the road but the driver is being delayed for any number of reasons. They may be completing other deliveries or they may be caught in traffic. Even if your ETA has increased, we are still working to get you the quickest delivery! 

  • At times this ETA is affected by the specific order you have placed. Sometimes selecting new products can speed up your ETA depending on product availability, especially during times of promo sales. 

My ETA is not showing up!

  • If you have placed a delivery and your ETA timer does not show up on the confirmation page, please try refreshing your page. If this does not work, try to open another browser and log into your account and this should take you back to the confirmation page with your ETA. 

Still having issues? Contact our support team at or reach out to us through our live chat feature on the Eaze menu homepage. 

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