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How do I navigate the Eaze menu?

The Eaze menu is broken down into product groups, such as Vaporizers, Edibles, Flowers, Concentrates, and more. The colors on each item indicate the strain type: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, or CBD. 
You can tap the product groups to jump to that part of the menu and filter down to a specific strain type by tapping the strain type icon. Tapping on a specific item will then display more details and a product description. 
Please note that the Eaze menu only displays products that are currently available for delivery by a dispensary servicing your area. This means that you may see menu changes as  products are added or when dispensary drivers in your area run out of inventory. 
If an item you want is no longer available, please check again later as it may reappear on the menu as dispensary drivers restock throughout the day.

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