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Why am I not verified on Eaze yet?

Most verifications take just a few minutes to complete, but there might be a couple factors holding it back. If you attempted to get verified and were denied, please check your email. There will be a denial message that explains why we were unable to verify you. 
A few common problems with verification are:

  • Photos are dark or unclear
  • Please ensure the photos you send to Eaze are clear and well lit so we can see numbers, dates, and any other pertinent information. If we don’t have all the information, we cannot verify you.  
  • Mobile phone number not verified
  • If your phone number has not been verified, your account will display as unverified and you will not be able to order. If you are having trouble verifying your phone number, please check here.
  • Your files are unable to be seen by our verification team
  • Please make sure your files are only jpeg or png format and are under 5 MB. Eaze cannot accept pdf formatted files. 
  • Wrong file uploaded
  • Mistakes happen. Please double check to make sure you have the correct files uploaded. You can look at the photos you have uploaded under the Account Settings option from the option tab at the top left of your menu screen.
  • Profile already exists
  • If you have previously created a user profile, our system does not allow you to create a second. Please contact us here to help get this sorted out.
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